Nominate Your Colleague for

Teacher of the Year!


Is there someone who inspires students, plays an active role in their school community, and gains the respect and admiration of students, parents and colleagues?  Nominate them for Spring Lake Park School District’s Teachers of the Year!  The whole process should take only 5 minutes.

What is it?  A program to recognize all the outstanding teachers in our school district.

 Two categories: 

Early Ed./Elementary Teacher of the Year (Early Ed. through 5th grade) 
Secondary Teacher of the Year  (6th through 12th grade)

Who can nominate?  Colleagues, parents and students

How can I nominate someone?   Download and Complete the Nomination Form.  Send it via email to  

Due Date:  Friday, February 28th 2020.

Questions?  Contact Maria Arhrndt

Your 2018-19 Teachers of the Year

    Congratulations to these two teachers!  Your Spring Lake Park Teachers United 2018-19 Teachers of the Year are : 

Nora Tycast – High School

Sarah Scheller – Woodcest Spanish Immersion

 Please check back later for more information on them and other teachers who were nominated.

Nora Tycast (at left) from SLP High School and Sarah Scheller (at right) from Woodcest Spanish Immersion receive their awards.

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