President's Corner - Kathleen Stalnaker, SLPTU

Greetings SLPTU Members:

I wanted to take a moment to update you all on the Cultural Competency Requirements for re-licensure that PELSB and the State of Minnesota are requiring for re-licensure. The first thing you will find in this email is the link to the Teacher Licensure Rules and FAQs for the State of Minnesota.  Beginning on page 6 you will see the licensure requirements regarding Cultural Competency Training. There are 8 components to the training and the expectation that the training will be relevant, and reflective and something that will be inform teaching and learning. So this is not a one hour training. While the rule does not indicate a set number of hours must be completed to complete the training it is clear from the documentation in this rule that it is something that will require multiple hours to complete. PESLB and Education Minnesota have both created trainings to meet the requirements of this rule and those trainings are 8 hours each. Both of these organizations used the language and expectations of this rule to create these trainings.   

I am currently working with the District to determine what SLP has offered and will be offering in the very near future that will cover the requirements of this Rule. I should have some clear answers to this by Monday, October 28th, at which time I will send out an email with those details. 

The district and SLPTU and NSSU and Education Minnesota are making a concerted effort to see to it that those teachers who need to renew in 2020 will have the necessary clock hours and check offs for Cultural Competency in time to renew for 2020. In addition all of these entities are working to see to it that everyone who renews in 2021 and beyond has a clear path forward. 

I am sorry there has been so much confusion regarding this issue. PESLB and the Minnesota Department of Education have not been very clear in their communications about this requirement and have left all Re-licensure Committees and all teachers confused when it comes to this issue. This fall the extent and intent of this requirement became clear. I want to emphasize again that PELSB and The Minnesota Department of Education did not do an adequate job of communicating their intent for this licensure requirement, however, SLPTU, NSSU and Education Minnesota plan to help create a path forward so all teachers will renew with the proper requirements. 

Watch for more communication from the District, and from SLPTU early next week. 

If you have any questions or concerns email me at


Kathleen Stalnaker

SLPTU President


 SLPTU General Meeting

      Wednesday, September 18, 2019