Probation Status for MN teachers ("non-tenured")

  • New teachers will have three yearly observations by principal or assoc. principal.
  • New teachers will be probation status until they sign their fourth contract, (complete year 3).  
  • School districts have the right to release probation staff at any time and without reason.  
  • If released, it is not recommended that probation staff ask for reasons, as those reasons could become public information.
  • Probation staff have due process rights.  At any discipline meeting or investigation, members may request union representation and have access to legal help at the state level, if needed.  
  • If probation staff have taught in a different school district before moving to another district, (in MN), they will have one year of probation status instead of three.

Continuing Contract Status for MN teachers ("tenured")

  • Upon continuing contract, staff do not have to sign a new contract each year, hence the name "continuing contract".  
  • If continuing contract staff are being proposed for discipline or termination, the district has to provide due process and a reason for termination and members may request union representation.

Code of Ethics
for Minnesota Teachers

 Standards of Professional Conduct*

  1. A teacher shall provide professional educational services in a nondiscriminatory manner.
  2. A teacher shall make reasonable effort to protect the student from conditions harmful to health and safety.
  3. In accordance with state and federal laws, a teacher shall disclose confidential information about individuals only when a compelling professional purpose is served or when required by law.
  4. A teacher shall take reasonable disciplinary action in exercising the authority to provide an atmosphere conducive to learning.
  5. A teacher shall not use professional relationships with students, parents, and colleagues to private advantage.
  6. A teacher shall delegate authority for teaching responsibilities only to licensed personnel.
  7. A teacher shall not deliberately suppress or distort subject matter.
  8. A teacher shall not knowingly falsify or misrepresent records or facts relating to that teacher's own qualifications or to other teachers' qualifications.
  9. A teacher shall not knowingly make false or malicious statements about students or colleagues.
  10. A teacher shall accept a contract for a teaching position that requires licensing only if properly or provisionally licensed for that position.

* Excerpted from chapter 9, sec. 3.130, of the Minnesota Code.