Spring Lake Park Teachers United


The purpose of this site is provide Spring Lake Park teachers with useful information related to union membership, activities, dues, meeting minutes, member rights, names and faces of your union leadership team, and other informative links.

Our Leadership Team

Kathleen Stalnaker - Located at The High School

Vice President / NSSU President & PAC Representative
Mary Mohr-Scinocca - Located at High School


Kari Walton - Located at Westwood Intermediate


Ann Baldwin - Located at Northpoint

Andy Walsh - Located at Middle School

Member Rights Advocate (covers all buildings)

Building Representatives
Brenna Bloom - High School & Lighthouse
Kristine Powell - Middle School
Scott Ecker- Intermediate School
Mary Strohmayer - Park Terrace
Jake Harren - Northpoint
Alexis Martinsen-Stewart - ECFE/ECSE/ABE
Samantha Waibel - WC Spanish Immersion
Mariah Anderson - Centerview

Union Capacity Building Committee
Heather Krier :  Chair - Located at Middle School

Teacher of the Year Committee
Maria Ahrndt - Located at High School

Jeremy Sellman - Located at High School

Who to contact...?

   Questions regarding curriculum, building operations, and day to day practice are best addressed to your colleagues or any union leader.  Please contact your Building Rep, Member Rights Advocate, or a seasoned District 16 teacher if you have problems or concerns that you feel involve the contract, job duties, or other work related issues.



Our mission here in SLP is to support our members in every way possible in order to ensure the best learning environment for our students as well as, a safe and full-filling environment for our members.  Our union leadership team does receive a stipend for their work but are full-time teachers first and foremost.  Our mission is to help support our teachers by building positive relationships within our local, between colleagues, and also with our administration.  We must all work as a team in order to be successful.  We work hard to ensure that our contract is being followed and that our members are being treated fairly and professionally.  We will do our best to help each and every teacher deal with any problems and concerns so that they can spend more time focused on teaching and helping students be successful.  In the past decade we have focused efforts during negotiations to slowly build a contract and salary schedule that will be more in line with top metro contracts than with those on the bottom.  We are continually improving.  We have also worked very hard with our administration to be consistent in our approach to both teacher and principal concerns.  We have made good progress in both areas.  Our commitment is to be present and supportive to all members.  No problems are too small or too big to bring to our attention.  Please do not hesitate to call on your union for support and guidance.

Additional Information

Executive Council Meeting Minutes-monthly update viewable on website by Webmaster

President's Corner-monthly update distributed by President, posted on webpage

MRA's Corner-monthly update distributed via email by Member Rights Advocate

Negotiations Information and Results-updates, documents, and contract distributed by Negotiations Lead

Statement of Principle

Education Minnesota  http://www.educationminnesota.org/


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